Monday, 4 June 2012

Wii U Pro Controller Revealed

Wii U Pro Controller Revealed: Nintendo teases Wii U Pro Controller, black Wii U hardware:  Beyond the WiiPad's big unveiling during Nintendo's pre-E3 presentation this afternoon, president Satoru Iwata also briefly showed off the Wii U "Pro" controller. As you might imagine, it looks awfully similar to the Wii's "Pro" controller, not to mention the Xbox 360 controller we've all gotten so used to. 

There's not word on pricing for the Pro Controller or whether the system will be released in both black and white just yet, but we'll be sure to bring you more details from the show floor at E3 when we have them. Click past the break for a look at the console and Gamepad in their darker attire.

The controller has a micro USB port for recharging the built-in batteries, as well as a series of LEDs which suggest simultaneous support for up to four Wii U Pro controllers. As with the console, no actual availability and pricing have been announced at the moment. Could this swanky contraption signal Nintendo's new bet on mainstream gaming instead of its previous casual gaming formula? Share your thoughts below.

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