Monday, 11 June 2012

Viann Zhang Photo Scandal

Viann Zhang Photo Scandal: Zhang Xin to the trouble to break up Ron Ng retain: Hong Kong actor Ron Ng stepped forward on Thursday to clarify his relationship with busty Chinese model-actress Viann Zhang, and explain why he posted a photo of her lounging in bed on his micro blog, reported Hong Kong media.

Ng told reporters that he was not responsible for the photo and said it was Zhang who accessed his account and posted the photo, using his account details which he freely shared with her.

"I'd first like to apologise to my fans, family and friends. I didn't know the situation on my micro blog because I was at Toby Leung's wedding.

"After that I went somewhere else to drink till 4am and was shocked when I came home and saw the blog post," said Ng.

"I have called her to understand the whole matter. She has admitted her mistake and apologised. I forgive her."

Ron Ng Eager to Patch Up Relationship? Viann was currently filming mainland China drama, Naked Wedding <裸婚>, in which Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝 ) served as television producer for the first time. Regarding her speculative message on Weibo, Viann did not clarify about her relationship status with Ron. She only replied, “My Weibo thoughts reflected my feelings after reading the script for my new drama, as well as my friend’s experience.”

Yesterday, Ron was spotted at the airport in Bejing. It was speculated that he may be in Beijing in a last attempt to salvage the relationship with Viann.

Mainland actress Zhang Xin to the emotional relationship with Ron Ng, wireless niche has been confusing, It is understood that the two recently in the Cold War stage, Hope I the day before the microblogging message "fell in love with a bad man will let you live in the painful entanglement with grievances"the accused suggested to break up, in fact, in Beijing Xin I also made a clean break with the worst.

Mainland 35F milk of God, I Zhang Xin, the year before, and Ron Ng (Ron), cooperation in the Mainland drama "maidservants" tart with several times in Hong Kong and Beijing Xin I photographed too close will photo, like the disclosure of Love thing by microblogging. had the wrong bed according to Ron account to upload, forcing Ron end to recognize the "filmed dragging, but only to give me a GOD space I Die" glossed over, the two maintain this "semi-open" couple relationship, until recently protruding change.
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