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Mercedes Skill Build

Mercedes Skill Build: MapleStory Mercedes Skill Build Guide: MapleStory Mercedes is one of the Legendary Hero born with special abilities and traits. They are Elf who are experts in wielding dual crossbows, not 2 separate crossbows like the ones used by Marksman. They are very agile, moving across large maps and multiple platforms without any hassle. Mercedes primary stat is DEX (dexterity) and secondary stat is STR (strength).
MapleStory Mercedes Training Guide

List of Mercedes Training Spots by Level:
1-20: Beginning Quests
20-30: Mixed Golem
30-45: CD
45-55: Scarecrows, Zeta Greys, Sand Rats
55-65: Robos, Zeta Greys, Sand Rats
65-80,95: Twisted Jesters
80-95: MP3, Twisted Jesters
95-110: Captains
110-120: Dual vikings, Spirit Vikings, Gigantic Spirit Vikings, LHC
120+: LHC (Lion Heart Castle)

Mixed Golem @ Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Castle Ruins
Swift Dual Shot will be your primary attacking skill to knock out these moving mixed golem. Use Glide Blast to your advantage to reach monsters quickly in far platforms within the map.

CD @ Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A
I prefer to use Rising Rush and Parting Shot for the finishing killer compared to Piercing Shot, since it allows you to move forward to explore new monsters within the map and also defeat the ones in front of you in mobs. Otherwise, apply jump-shot technique with Piercing Shot Skill.

Dead Scarecrow @ Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Scarecrow
Use Piercing Shot to knockout those 1-2 Dead Scarecrows, and clear out the whole mob with Rising Rush and Parting Shot. Tip: Cast Rising Rush when there are no monster around you, followed by Parting Shot to defeat those Scarecrows located at the highest platform. This way, you don’t need to climb your way up using Glide Blast.

Sand Rat @ Sunset Road: Sahel 1 or 2
These maps has all the monsters on the bottom lane and this maps are kinda small. You can easily cover from one end to the other easily with Glide Blast and Rising Rush.

Robo, Master Robo @ Ludibrium: Toy Factory (Aparatus Room)
If you dislike Sand Rats for a reason, perhaps 1 platform isn’t your liking, you can help yourself with some robots at the Toy Factory. There are multiple platforms here, so you will need to climb a lot or practice your Updraft + Jump skill.

Twisted Jester @ Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown
Leaf Tornado works best in maps with multiple platforms like this one where Twisted Jesters roamed about. For 2nd Job Mercedes players, you can use Rising Rush and Parting Shot till you reach 3rd Job and max out Leaf Tornado if you plan to grind here for good experience.

Slimy, Selkie Jr. @ Mysterious Path 3 (MP3)
With Mercedes fast rushing skills, huge maps aren’t troublesome to solo. However, partying with 1 person to handle top and the other on bottom platform speeds monster spawn since you don’t need to frequent the ladder/rope with Updraft Skill.

Captain @ Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island
Once you reach this level, train in this map with max Leaf Tornado to easily defeat all mobs in 3 layer platforms, much more efficient than Rising Rush + Arial Barrage. I wonder why captains hold on to their root, probably a rare ginseng root found in treasure boxes?

Ghost Pirate @ Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time (3)
This map is really huge with many platforms accessible with long ropes, so you might use Updraft quite frequently and Glide Blast. Do a full cycle around the map to keep the balance of spawn in all platforms.

Spirit Viking @ Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time (4)
This map is similar to the one where Ghost Pirate resides.
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