Monday, 11 June 2012

Jeon Hyo Sung

Jeon Hyo Sung: Secret Successfully Ends Their Japan Tour: Japanese Fans Call Jeon Hyo-Sung "Korean Beyonce" On top of all, her unchanging baby-like face and beautiful and glamorous body remains legendary.

Picture of Jeon hyo-sung from the girl singing group \'Secret\' heated up the online community with her baby-like face and glamorous body.

Jeon and three other members have recently finished their first concert in Japan.

On March 5, 2012 they started their Osaka concert, which moved onto such other cities as Nagoya and Tokyo.

Their Japanese tour was called "Secret 1st Japan Tour: Secret Time 2012".

Some 20 songs of their hits were introduced to the Japanese fans during the tour.

Around the end of the concert Jeon alone sang such Beyonce tunes as "Naughty Girl" and "Crazy in Love", earning her nickname of "Korean Beyonce".

On June 7th, she left a Tweet saying, \"I’ll post these pictures as gifts before I go to bed. Take it as a celebration for my trip to Japan. How is everybody?\" In the four pictures she posted she is wearing white top emanating a magical vibe, and she also wears a colorful one piece with a hair band to show her cute side.
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