Sunday, 10 June 2012


BloodZeed: With BloodZeed do not look at the Guangdong Sports for many years: Premier League? Yes, what Sina, Sohu, PPTV have live English Premier League, but these large portal in order to "take care" network of the most fans are some very clear video, their so-called high-definition is entirely rubbish, which Sohu live Premier League is the best, but compared to BloodZeed on today introduced the SopCast simply weak batch burst, or even directly "I" spike Guangdong sports on TV.

First of all, this ultra-high-definition broadcast services based on SopCast, you can base official website to download completely free, directly without registration login, Stream, of depends Bloodzeed HD, direct input in the address bar, SopCast, or directly after you installed the software point of this link can, of course, match days, this channel is to stop, to the Premier League playing time about half an hour ago, there were media stream, the giants of the game has . This is a super-high-definition video streaming, so the required bandwidth is great, as far as I tested 4M the ADSL enough. Bloodzeed is a fanatical Spurs fans, FM player, and his push @ Bloodzeed Follow him access to broadcast information, he did flow units generally ESPN, HD, SkySports HD.

Of course, the Guwahati live in are doing flow, mainly ESPN Asia and STAR in Taiwan live, they also have similar Bloodzeed like ultra-high-definition, but no, he listed ESPN Asia HD is not super-high-definition, but more than the country of those strong, but more importantly, you can listen to the Gui Bin Zhan Jun explanation. I generally look at the non-Manchester United game or need some bandwidth.

Collection for more than a list of high-definition online to enjoy in the Premier League, enjoy abroad commentary, enjoy ESPN Guibin Zhan Jun explanation of the country who right!
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