Sunday, 10 June 2012

Angie Ong NTU Undergraduate Called NSFs Losers

PHOTOS: NTU undergraduate Angie Ong who called NSFs doing road march ‘losers’: NTU Business undergraduate Angie Ong sparked a massive furore by calling NSFs who did 24km road marches ‘loser’.
Attached below are some photos of her taken from Hardwarezone forum:

Singapore girl: NSFs doing 24km Road March are LOSERS!

The 24 km road march during Basic Military Training (BMT) is a compulsory ‘ritual’ for all recruits before they can pass out. However one Singapore girl does not seem to think much of it.

Miss Ong posted a single word on a Facebook photo depicting a group of NSFs doing the road march:

“What is the big deal?”

Her comment sparked an outroar in Hardwarezone forum with many forumers condemning her for it.

According to information posted on her Facebook, Angie Ong is currently studying Business at Nanyang Technological University:

All Singapore-born males have the serve two years of compulsory National Service followed by many more years of reservist to protect the nation to provide a safe and secure environment for foreigners from all over the world to find work and enjoy life in Singapore.


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